Easily Embed Videos

Yes, it is easy to embed videos that you have posted on Vimeo or You Tube.

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Everyone loves a good video...

In general when you shoot a video you want to limit the amount of time you zoom in and out. Many new camcorder users will zoom in and out constantly with their camcorder. Video shot in this manner usually ends up making viewers nauseous with the constant movement. Using the zoom on your camcorder is a good idea, but try to only use the feature when you need it. A good slow steady zoom into a subject is also usually much nicer to watch than a quick zoom in to a subject. Most camcorders have both optical and digital zoom.The digital zoom on your camcorder only enlarges the individual pixels in your video rather than getting closer to your subject. The result? Most video shot with a digital zoom looks distorted often to the point that the viewer has no idea what they're even looking at. If you have a digital zoom on your camcorder you want to use it as little as possible. It can be a good idea to even disable your digital zoom so you don't accidentally use it while recording. This is a simple camcorder tip that drastically increase the quality of your video.

How to take Moon shots:

The Moon can be a difficult subject...

Before we start talking about how to take a picture of the moon, let’sfirst answer some basic questions. I’m sure if you have already attempted totake a picture of the moon, you probably ran into a problem where the moonlooks tiny in comparison to what you saw while taking the picture. Why does themoon get photographed so much smaller? The simple answer is – you are probablytaking a picture of the moon with a wide-angle lens. Keep in mind that youreyes are like a 50mm fixed lens and if you are taking a picture with awide-angle lens that is shorter than 50mm, the moon will be captured in smallersize! So, if you want to capture an object like a big tree or a house with themoon, you would need to stand further away and photograph the scene at least at50mm to try to match what you saw with your eyes. And even at 50mm the moonmight look smaller, especially if it was near the horizon when you took apicture of it. This also happens because of a phenomenon called “Moon Illusion“, where themoon appears bigger to your eyes, when in fact it is not.